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‘Surfing 101: Don’t Be a Kook!’ book

Page of book

Sean’s Private Surf Instruction proudly presents ‘Surfing 101: Don’t Be a Kook!’.  A 60 page instructional book that could be described as a ‘learn to surf’ or ‘how to surf’ book.  Excellent for those who are new to surfing as well as those who are interested in progressing to a more advanced level.  Skip all of the embarrassing  parts of learning to surf by reading my book!

All Surf With Sean! summer packages include a copy of the book.  It is available for $12.95 upon request.

The chapters are listed here:

Ch. 1: Understanding the ocean
Ch. 2: Safety in the surf
Ch. 3: Feeling good in the lineup
Ch. 4: Etiquette in the surf
Ch. 5: How to catch a wave and surf
Ch. 6: How to surf – intermediate
Ch. 7: Types of waves
Ch. 8: Surfing equipment
Ch. 9: Surf lingo
Ch. 10: Surf travel
Ch. 11: A brief history of surfing