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Surfing Scouts Day Camp flyer

WANT TO SEND YOUR KIDDO TO THE COOLEST SURFING CAMP IN THE WILMINGTON & WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC AREA THIS SUMMER?  Instead of signing your kid(s) up for a dime-a-dozen surf school, try our one-of-a-kind summer camp that represents the true beauty of coastal North Carolina!  Canoeing to barrier islands for a surf and fishing for lunch are just the start.  Read on….

 ‘Surfing Scouts’ Day Camp is my vision of a Wilmington – Wrightsville Beach summer camp for young kids that are interested in the sport of surfing.  Incredibly unique and character developing, this camp will change your kids’ lives!  Let your lil’ surfers learn to love and appreciate their natural surroundings!  Surfing Scouts Camp teaches your kiddos everything they should know about surfing crossed with an appreciation of the outdoors, nature, and life in general!

*What will we be up to?  We will be doing a couple hours of surf-coaching each morning.  Meanwhile they’ll be learning surfing safety & etiquette, understanding the ocean and eco-system, learning how to surf better, learning all about surfing equipment and how to take care of it, as well as some important surfing history!  And then we’ll move on to a different fun activity for the last couple hours of each day.  We’ll be canoeing to surf a barrier island with good waves!  We’ll be riding surf mats and boogie boards another day.  We’re going fishing: learning how to tie knots, how to catch bait, how to find clams and how to successfully catch lunch!  One day we will be learning how to shape/make a surfboard as well as fixing dings.  And finally we will be learning how to body-surf with ‘hand-planes’ that the kids will learn how to build themselves.

*2016 Camp Dates/Rates:  June 13-17th, July 11-15th, and August 8-12th.  $475 pp.

*Camps will have up to 8 kids maximum (Ages 8-12).  Keeping the groups small allows each Scout to shine brightly in their own unique and creative way.  That’s what surfing is all about!

*Camps run Monday-Friday; 8am-12pm.  Pick up & drop off’s will be located at Annex Surf Supply, 534 Causeway Dr.  Wrightsville Beach, NC.  Please arrive 5/10 minutes early so we can all get moving by 8am!

*Spots are already being snatched up quickly so BOOK NOW!  Call (910)470-2010 or Book Online by clicking SURFING SCOUTS DAY CAMP