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Grommets’ Surf Camp! (Ages 9-16)

Boys-Only Weekly Surf Camps

Quick Details

Dates & Times

This weekly camp runs Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.


What is Grommets’ Surf Camp?

The Grommets’ Surf Camp has become a staple of beautiful Wrightsville Beach, NC’s surf community! It’s an incredibly fun summertime surf camp that fosters the true love of surfing and takes each boys’ skill set to the next level!

FYI: ‘Grommet’ or ‘Grom’ translates to something like ‘little surfer dude’ in surf slang.

Our camp’s strength is highly personalized, fun, and effective surf instruction catered to your child’s particular skill set development. Our goal is to see them showing all of the know-how of surfing safely on their own by the end of the camp! Your kids will come out of this camp absolutely stoked on surfing! But don’t take it from us, just ask around!

Our CPR and First Aid Certified instructors will be teaching your Groms to surf and/or improve their surfing the majority of each day’s 3 hrs. All while learning about safety in the sea! If the surf isn’t cooperating or the kids are getting tired, we’ll be doing some fun educational surf-related activities such as body surfing, learning how to use hand planes, riding surf mats in the shore break, as well as doing some fun relays to improve the kids’ paddling, swimming, breath holding ability and overall safety in the ocean.

We also run the Wahine Week Surf Camp for girls ages 9-16 years old 8:00-10:30am just down the beach!

These are Wrightsville Beach, NC’s finest summertime surf camps! Locally owned and operated.