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Youth Surf Camp! (Ages 6-8)

Start em' young!

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What is the YEWWTH Surf Camp?

The Yewwth camp is great for kids of all comfort and experience levels in the ocean! Our CPR and First Aid Certified instructors will not only be teaching the students how to become safer and stronger in the ocean, they’ll be teaching them how to surf like the big kids! Surf instruction will be the main focus of each day; catered to your child’s particular skill set. Our goal is to have your kid(s) finish the camp week absolutely stoked on the ocean and surfing! This is the real deal! But don’t take it from us, check out our reviews online or just ask around!

If the surf is a little too rough for certain students/certain days; we’ll be swimming, learning to body surf, riding boogie boards, as well as doing some fun relays to improve the kids’ overall safety in the ocean.

We also run the Grommets Camp and the Wahine Camp for kids ages 8-16 years old. Grommets is the Boys camp. Wahine is the Girls camp. Both camps are held at 8:00-10:30 am just down the beach!

These are Wrightsville Beach, NC’s finest summertime surf camps!